The Emo Song

Emo is teh suck.

Listen and laugh 🙂


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  1. mark2 on

    Hey man, there is nothing wrong with Nintendo…

  2. Andrew on

    True, true.
    …emo still sucks though 😛

  3. Jon on

    omg my favorite song is also ‘stabby rip stab stab’

  4. David House on

    😐 I know that guy in the bottom left. That’s kind of scary.

  5. emogene on

    hehe i think its funny and so true but thats mi nick name

  6. carlyssa on

    hehe that emogene thats mi lil sis and she is a wanna b emo
    but the song is so funny

  7. ziggy on

    the emo song is just about the coolest shit on the weeb currently, you can find it at, 5 starz bitches

  8. azazel on

    who sings that song?

  9. trevor on


  10. kayla on

    hahahaha wow i’m emo….its funny its supposed to like insult emo but every hardcore emo loves that song.

  11. kelsey on

    hahaha “i feel like tacos” 2

  12. Tina on

    Haha.. that’s hilarious. Some of it is so true.

  13. kaitlyn on

    omfg i love that song but a lot of it is soo true lol

  14. Andrew K. on

    Holy crap, what’s happened here?!

    Emo song: all done and gone. k, thnx bye 🙂

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