Worst. iPod. Ever?

The iPod nano is the first of the line to really tempt me. Unfortunately, according to the 400+ people here and the 100+ commenters on this post, Apple have used cheap materials for the screen and casing and both are extremely easily scratched (or cracked in the case of the screen!).

Screw that! 😐


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  1. sadish on

    have you bought one already ?

  2. Andrew on

    I nearly did straight away, but decided to wait until after christmas (better deals + free accessories).

    All this noise about cheap outer materials is making me seriously reconsider though…

  3. Amit Karmakar on

    Oh I insist. You really must get it soon you can :). It rocks.

  4. Cam on

    I have heard someone from Apple is blaming obese Americans for the problem… they put it in the front pocket of their too-tight jeans and that causing the problems. Not sure how truthful that is, but I’ll post the link as soon as I can find it.

  5. Andrew K. on


    Apple-trend-whores vs. the US Obese.
    I want a ticket to that court case!

  6. jai on

    i have one. Its ok i think its easy enough to use but i havent even use mine yet and its scratched to death

  7. psywave on

    they use the same material for the nano as for the 4th Generation-iPods. I got a 4th Generation iPod and I only use it with my leather-case. I dont have any scratches. But I know what you mean, my sister got the same iPod as me and she used it for about a week without the case. Now the screen is very very scratched.
    I asked “did you drive with a Tank over it?” – Truth is: She only carried it with her jeans a week. It is unbelievable how sensitive the new Displays are.

    But fortunately you got a huge range of protection cases available in stores. It’s not really the fault of Apple in my eyes.

  8. emo4eva on

    the ipod nanno sucks! ITS SOUND LIKE CRAP AND IV HAD IT FOR 2 WEEKS NOW ITS SCATCHED ALL OVA!!!!!!!! neva get it…save up for another type of ipod pplz!

  9. really, really confused... on

    great, the nano maybe made from the same material as the 4gb ipod, but what’s that made of? is it some sort of vinyl or ABS, or made of polypropylene? i dunno but if anyone does, hopefully you’ll can respond, cause my design coursework kinda relies upon it. cheers.

  10. Alicia X on

    All these bad reports!!! i am supost to be gettin one for christmas… dont know if i sould bother now!! i will make another message after i get it and tell you all wot its really like! xxxx

  11. Bryn on

    i realy want to get and ipod nanno its like my dream. r u sure there not ok? r they ok if u keep them in a case?

  12. Andrew K. on

    It would appear there was a pretty big reaction to the few nanos that were scratched to hell. A few friends have them and so long as you case it, it’s fine 🙂

    I’m ordering a black 60GB iPod today, but I’m ordering a case for it at exactly the same time 😉

  13. Chopper on

    Cream car polish will take the scratches out of your Ipod nanno ae and screen

  14. amanda on

    i gonna get a ipod nanno buit where can i find a site to tell me about it more ?

  15. Apple on

    WHAT DO I GET? A mini or a nanno? what are their respective advantages and disadvantages? please respond asap…thanks! =>

  16. Andrew K. on

    I don’t know, I ended up buying a 60GB video and the Agent18 hardcase to protect it.
    So far, so good.

  17. Julia Parkinson on

    I’ve already ordered a nano and most of the people on this site are putting me off on buying one. Should I cancel the order or just buy a case???
    Please answer soon.
    I wouldn’t usually ask but I’ve never had an ipod before and everyone says the the nano get’s scratched easily. Anyway please email back soon.

  18. Andrew on

    Julia: Just make sure you get some kind of protective covering/case and you’ll be fine.

  19. jason on

    my ipod got scratched in the case

  20. jason on

    my ipod is trash

  21. Chip Munk on

    Woo. Part od my design project is reliant on finding out about what materials the ipod is made out of too. So far i have had no luck.
    Well i certainly hope we both find out before deadline. LOL

  22. Kimberlame on

    “With an anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel enclosure and a choice of five colors, iPod nano is dressed to impress.”
    From the apple webiste.

    Hope this helps you people who have that project.

  23. Abc on

    Well, i just ordered my ipod touch like about a week ago and it’s about to come and i was wondering if someone could tell me what generation of ipod you guys are talking about because its 2009 and these were posted in like 2005-2007. Thnx!

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