More Flock Ponderings… please?

Flock is all about social web services and having a central point from which to access and control your accounts on these services. I’m all for that idea; always have been.

So far there’s a tight (but buggy) integration with accounts and a basic Flickr browser. That’s cool and all, but I’m holding out for the next obvious integration: and the Mozilla Calendar.

How long before flock automagically syncs up my events and suggests events that I may be interested in?

My guess is ‘not long’. We’ll see…

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Edit: Flock’s ‘Blog Editor’ interface still has some serious bugs to work out; eg: When this post was published, it edited the timestamp of my last post to 8:19pm tonight, thereby screwing the order of the posts. That’s not real cool 😐


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  1. Andrew K on


  2. Craig on

    Bugs are fun.

    I think ernisio might be full of them. 😀

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  4. blu81 on

    Did you know that the word ” Flock” is the collective noun used to describe a group of sheep. Thus, it means ” to gather”. Maybe that’s why they call it flock because it does focus on socialism.

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