Farewell Del.icio.us, farewell flickr, farewell Konfabulator; Shove it Yahoo.

I will not become a further addition to Yahoo’s massive consumer data set.

I love del.icio.us and run used to run Konfabulator on both my work and home machines. Flickr is cool; but I’ve never really made it part of my daily online experience.

So Konfabulator’s out the window — I guess I’ll switch to a Mac if I want those sort of toys again. I’ve mirrored my Del.icio.us account locally and will probably use something like Freetag to build my own version. Dreamhost’s one press installs of Gallery means the flickr thing isn’t an issue; that was setup in 5 minutes. Obviously the Gallery interface is a long way from that of flickr — I figure now that so many hardline ‘socialist’ geeks will be evacuating these hosted services like a plague infested Titanic there should be plenty of people with common requests and suitable skills joining the communities of projects such as Gallery.

At least then something good will come of this for users at large.


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  1. Abject Learning on

    OK, OK, I finally get it…

    I might be slow, but I’m sure… So if there was any anticipation about how Yahoo intends to position itself after its acquisitions of Flickr and del.icio.us, with the announced hosting partnership with Movable Type it’s clear now. What do they offer…

  2. Relapse on


  3. Andrew K. on

    Relapse: Because Yahoo bought them all out.

  4. nungee » yahoocious. on

    […] So. What is happening lately? If you still haven’t heard it (rather ‘old’ news): Yahoo has bought yet another ‘web 2.0’ application. After having acquired flickr and apparently also the konfabulator(try .com) which now is ‘yahoo widget engine’ it is now yahoocious social bookmarking time. What is their master plan one might ask. I really don’t know. It is quite interesting to see somebody ‘fighting’ with the big G. Only time can show us who is going to be the information king of the data hill. Enjoy the show. Or even better: try to make money with it. On another note I will leave this lovely (and recently smokey) island of England soon again to recharge my batteries in GoA (gold old Austria). I am really looking forward to seeing a whole lot of lovely people again, including my family, close friends and my lovely girlfriend Christina. […]

  5. Relapse on

    So, joined zooomer yet?

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