My Dad is blogging!


Peter Krespanis, my father, is entirely reposible for my interest in computers and is also the reason I have almost zero knowledge about computer hardware. I’m just too used to “support calls” that start with

Hey Pa, How you going? Cool. Ummm, I’ve got a bit of a problem, can I pick your brain for a minute?

What are you waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT!
(And yes, I do intend on moving him to WordPress ;))


9 comments so far

  1. Pa ;-) on

    Why, thank you my boy for the glowing compliments.

  2. karmakars on

    awwww isn’t that nice 🙂

  3. heretic on

    nothing wrong with blogger, biotch! 😉

  4. tin441 on

    What’s wrong with blogging? And mind you blogging makes more intelligent people more intelligent! Maybe you should take more advises from your pa. In that way he might be able to impart some for you. After all, what are families for.

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