Dear Google, email is not IM.

My last reason for using gmail, speed, has just whithered away.

With the recent addition of Google Talk to Gmail, they have lost me as a user and supporter of their webmail product. Upon first signing on this morning I was bombarded with all sorts of nonsense that had nothing to do with why I use Gmail — to read my mail and get back to work!. There were requests to allow others to see my online status and a new chunk of UI cruft that continually calls home.

Forget browser memory leaks, the new kid on the block is AJAX bandwidth leaks. I, for one, hate it with a passion.

“Settle down Andrew, surely you can turn this stuff off in the settings?!”

If only it were that simple. For you see, the most annoying feature of the Google Talk/Gmail integration is that Google has the nerve to assume all my email contacts are Google Talk users and that I would wish to check their online status prior to reading any email.

To this end, they have inserted a pause between the user clicking a mail item and that piece of mail being loaded. During the pause, a modal window appears showing the user’s GTalk status and other such nonsense.

After one email session involving these new additions, I’m even more certain that I need to ditch Gmail for good switch all my accounts to the Roundcube install I setup in January.


15 comments so far

  1. Jay on

    I’m also disgusted by this. I hadn’t logged onto my gmail account in about a week and logged on this morning only to find a screen prompting me to take advantage of google talk?! As well as a list of contacts.

    Most of these contacts were various clients I’ve worked for that I would never likely IM with nor do I want IM capability integrated into what I was hoping to be a sleek, fast mail account! Complete bullocks. I ‘spose all good things inevitably come to an end. :/

  2. Cameron Adams on

    Is there any website on the Internet that you *can* use nowadays Andrew, or have you lambasted all major Web services?

  3. Andrew K. on

    @Cam: Yeah, I still manage to use your comment form, regardless of that whacky WYSIWYG editor you insist on using 😉

  4. Relapse on

    …The settings tab is that hard to use?

  5. Shane on

    I don’t have that problem with gmail though…

  6. orrik on

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

  7. tin66 on

    Thank goodness I have no gmail account. Now hearing this issues, I think I should forgo of the plan of opening one too. No worries, it will be their lost!

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