Shock! Horror! Fraud on eBay.

I changed my mind at the last minute and dusted off my real site to post about this topic.

Lance D Chambers and his lame scam


7 comments so far

  1. stab guy on

    i want to stab you all especialy emo’s they suck

  2. Andrew K. on

    ^ HAhahahaaaa. Best. Comment. Eva.

  3. EmoKid2000 on

    Oh yeah, lets jump on the “I hate Emo’s” bandwagon…

    Stab guy, I bet you’ve never been whipped by the fringe of a reverse mullet but I bet you’d cry like me if you happened to you, just like when I’m screaming my makeup’d little face off listening to My Chemical Romance, clutching my Teddy as my Dad tells me how he doesn’t understand me and I’m blogging about it on myspace to my 86 million friends who don’t actually care about me and my self mutiliation..

    I think I’m going to get in my BMW to go and get a soda now.

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