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Thought for the day: Leather.

The only people I know with leather lounges are vegetarians.



Shock! Horror! Fraud on eBay.

I changed my mind at the last minute and dusted off my real site to post about this topic.

Lance D Chambers and his lame scam

Super Silly Search Term

The funniest search phrase that has ever led a Google user to this site:

the more you stir in shit russ meyer

Ummm… ok 😕

Best blog on… Maybe

I design and develop web applications for a living.
Sad, I know (don’t worry, I’m on step 3 of 12 already!).

Anyhoo, as a part of that I take it upon myself to stay abreast of every flavour-of-the-month technology that wafts through the hollowed halls of teh interw3b.

During such nautical adventures, my ship ran aground on the shores of Go Flock Yourself; unquestionably my favourite of the plethora of AJAX-pimping blogs that have popped up of late.

May all their XMLHttpRequests return 200ok; and may all their subsequent modal dialogs fade smoothly.