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Thought for the day: Leather.

The only people I know with leather lounges are vegetarians.



Totally burnt out

2 months into 2006 and I don’t think I’ve ever felt less like turning the computer on in my life.
This hurts and it won’t stop.

Farewell, farewell flickr, farewell Konfabulator; Shove it Yahoo.

I will not become a further addition to Yahoo’s massive consumer data set.

I love and run used to run Konfabulator on both my work and home machines. Flickr is cool; but I’ve never really made it part of my daily online experience.

So Konfabulator’s out the window — I guess I’ll switch to a Mac if I want those sort of toys again. I’ve mirrored my account locally and will probably use something like Freetag to build my own version. Dreamhost’s one press installs of Gallery means the flickr thing isn’t an issue; that was setup in 5 minutes. Obviously the Gallery interface is a long way from that of flickr — I figure now that so many hardline ‘socialist’ geeks will be evacuating these hosted services like a plague infested Titanic there should be plenty of people with common requests and suitable skills joining the communities of projects such as Gallery.

At least then something good will come of this for users at large.

How MS Visio crushed my spirit

Two days. TWO FREAKIN’ DAYS spent drawing up UML application design doc’s using textbook accurate symbols and language. Use Cases, Deployment Diagrams, ERDs, piles of Sequence Diagrams; all gone.

Fuck you Visio; I’m uninstalling you from my work system and my home system and I can guarentee that you will not make it into the next revision of our Developer’s Software Toolkit at work. That’s 12 less copies of your bloated ass cludging up our workflow. Not even a drop molecule in the M$ ocean, but a good start.

Now I just need to find an alternative…

All suggestions welcome 🙂

What’s this all about then, eh?

I build stuff for the web; primarily using nerdy crap like XHTML, XML and other abbreviations and acronyms that don’t mean anything to normal people. More details on that can be found on my real site.

So why a second blog?
My primary site is business focused. It is often my initial point of contact for potential clients and the people who are kind enough to visit regularly are expecting the content to remain focused on web development and design.

Well, none of that here. This a traditional blog — one highly opinionated person ranting and raving about crap and hoping that someone, oneday, will find part of it of interest.

This is an experiment. Shield your eyes if it gets nasty.