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More Flock Ponderings… please?

Flock is all about social web services and having a central point from which to access and control your accounts on these services. I’m all for that idea; always have been.

So far there’s a tight (but buggy) integration with accounts and a basic Flickr browser. That’s cool and all, but I’m holding out for the next obvious integration: and the Mozilla Calendar.

How long before flock automagically syncs up my events and suggests events that I may be interested in?

My guess is ‘not long’. We’ll see…

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Edit: Flock’s ‘Blog Editor’ interface still has some serious bugs to work out; eg: When this post was published, it edited the timestamp of my last post to 8:19pm tonight, thereby screwing the order of the posts. That’s not real cool 😐


Flock ‘Social Browser’ – First Impressions

EDIT: I quickly became sick of Flock and uninstalled it. If my memory serves, it lasted ~3 days. Oh well, browsers are hard to do well.

I’ve just installed the pre-Developer preview release (aka. “There be BUGZ!! Use at your own risk”) of Flock and the first impression is certainly a good one.

This is just a quick test post to see how well their Blog Editor interface does with detecting and interacting with my account.

It doesn’t appear that ‘Save as Draft’ works properly; so I’ve just reported my first bug. Now to see if the tags I’ve entered in the Flock UI end up as Categories in WordPress…

Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Flock; don’t freak out! They’re using the Gecko engine, so it’s not going to cause more compatibility woes for client-side developers and hopefully most of the great extensions available for Firefox will work 🙂

Edit: The tags-to-categories conversion didn’t work, and the mark-up that resulted had a <br /> at the end of each paragraph. All minor problems considering this is a preview release of a preview release…

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