Thought for the day: Leather.

The only people I know with leather lounges are vegetarians.




This is a little follow up to my last post regarding moving to Ubuntu. Everything went pretty well, except for my innability to get decent support for my GeForce 6600 graphics card. The binary nvidia driver chokes immedietely and with the nv driver I can’t get dual display working.

After a week of getting it running smoothly and setup just how I like it, Ubuntu released version 6.10 — Edgy Eft. Being the foolishly trusting-of-OSS person that I am, I attempted to upgrade my system. What followed was 4 hours of package downloads, followed by 6.5 hours of trying to make it work. Edgy Eft killed my desktop, and I’m not impressed; alas, poor desktop, I needed that!

Now none of the graphics drivers result in anything more than a system that chokes after the loading screen. Not even the “last resort, works on everything but runs like a dog” VESA driver can help me. To make matters all the more interesting, there is nothing of note in the Xorg log file – – apparently it thinks everything is fine and dandy. A pox on you X, I curse you and your damned ignorance.

As I sit here, waiting for my home drive to be backed up to my laptop via SSH (at least recovery mode still works!), I am all the more determined to buy one of the shiny new Core2Duo Macbook Pros released last week. Another week, another painful experience with an operating system.


My main machine at home has been completely owned by spyware. I feel like such a moron for letting it happen, but what’s done is done. After fighting it on every front imaginable (yes, I tried that; and that too… yeah yeah, and all of those!) and calling in my paternal IT support; all to no avail, I backed up what little data was on my Apps drive (seperate HDDs for data and apps is a Good Thing!) and whiped it clean.

Now the fun part — installing Ubuntu, the plethora of applications I need and XPpro under VMWare server. Hopefully VMWare server will give enough juice to XP to run Photoshop, as that’s the only reason I need Windows these days. It’s at this point that I’m oh-so-happy I chose Internode as my ISP; their Ubuntu mirror server allows me to apt-get install everything I need at lightning pace without affecting my bandwidth quota.

Windows will never again have access to my master boot record. Move on Windows, you’re no longer welcome here.

Shock! Horror! Fraud on eBay.

I changed my mind at the last minute and dusted off my real site to post about this topic.

Lance D Chambers and his lame scam

Find Duplicate Rows in Database Table

This little chunk of SQL saved my ass today after I found out that most of the 223 students who had been automatically enrolled in an Activity Management system I just deployed were actually enrolled twice because the student list provided by another system was corrupt:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE field_name NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT(field_name) FROM table_name)

Ideally the field in question would be UNIQUE, but in this scenario that is not the case because the field was a student number and this system supports multiple courses — meaning a single student number is allowed to exist multiple times so long as each instance is tied to a different course. New constraints and checks have been put in place to ensure this can’t happen again, but regardless; lesson learned 😉

Super Silly Search Term

The funniest search phrase that has ever led a Google user to this site:

the more you stir in shit russ meyer

Ummm… ok 😕

Totally burnt out

2 months into 2006 and I don’t think I’ve ever felt less like turning the computer on in my life.
This hurts and it won’t stop.

Dear Google, email is not IM.

My last reason for using gmail, speed, has just whithered away.

With the recent addition of Google Talk to Gmail, they have lost me as a user and supporter of their webmail product. Upon first signing on this morning I was bombarded with all sorts of nonsense that had nothing to do with why I use Gmail — to read my mail and get back to work!. There were requests to allow others to see my online status and a new chunk of UI cruft that continually calls home.

Forget browser memory leaks, the new kid on the block is AJAX bandwidth leaks. I, for one, hate it with a passion.

“Settle down Andrew, surely you can turn this stuff off in the settings?!”

If only it were that simple. For you see, the most annoying feature of the Google Talk/Gmail integration is that Google has the nerve to assume all my email contacts are Google Talk users and that I would wish to check their online status prior to reading any email.

To this end, they have inserted a pause between the user clicking a mail item and that piece of mail being loaded. During the pause, a modal window appears showing the user’s GTalk status and other such nonsense.

After one email session involving these new additions, I’m even more certain that I need to ditch Gmail for good switch all my accounts to the Roundcube install I setup in January.

My Dad is blogging!


Peter Krespanis, my father, is entirely reposible for my interest in computers and is also the reason I have almost zero knowledge about computer hardware. I’m just too used to “support calls” that start with

Hey Pa, How you going? Cool. Ummm, I’ve got a bit of a problem, can I pick your brain for a minute?

What are you waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT!
(And yes, I do intend on moving him to WordPress ;))

Building modern websites with Firefox? You’ll be needing this…

Anyone who is up to speed with XHTML/CSS/unobtrusive javascript will be aware of the Web Developer’s extension; an essential part of any Firefox toolkit.

However, the latest kid on the .xpi block is one seriously impressive piece of kit. I’ve been playing with the first release of Firebug for about 15 minutes now and I must say I’m blown away. In fact, this post has taken twice as long to write due to my new-found ability to dissect all of’s javascript goodness in real time.

I won’t do the product an injustice by briefly covering the feature set — go check it out for yourself.